Dear Vandana
The other night over dinner at my cousin’s place in a nice secured locality,we had long open discussion about migrating to some Indian friendly country,never the less it dotted on Canada,and brother in law n sister with one child policy in mind, thinking about years to come,and where there only child will move away for higher studies ,leaving them behind talks were the a parent the idea was to make base for the child( a toddler now) and stay around him when the child grows up..we had all these talks..indeed your this lil informative n all linked up blog is the answer to all….he ( brother in law)is a deputy director at very esteemed post in government of India..and the policies of Canada in your talk gives an idea to adjustment that the high level person will have to go through…confirms our doubts on adaptability, there to life …and this fall to rise again will indeed be depressing for any high level post professional…. will surely make them read this information…
Keep writing more..