Mayank Malik

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I am still skeptical about my decision to migrate to Canada( PR ) along with my wife & kid. I am earning a descent salary in India, obviously not a lavish lifestyle and still relying on monthly savings, and there is always a charm which pulls towards Canadian lifestyle , kids education and of course improving financial status.
My Brother took PR & migrated to Canada last year and he was lucky enough & backed well that he got a descent Insurance job in just 2 months. Considering the Job market over there , there is always an apprehension for losing the entire savings I secured till date and not getting a descent job in Canada. While I was in the process of filing PR I changed my job in India & started working with MNC. So I have dropped my plan for atleast next couple of years.
Please advice , Is the job market really very stringent & difficult to get a descent job?