Very well brought out peice

abhishek joshi Sep 25, 2015 very well brought out peice on the rat race that we call existence. this is definitely a must read for all parents who are not privy to the endless opportunities that are available to people with different skill sets. I would recommend that this well articulated article may be further…


vinneve It is interesting looking out of the plane window! I do it every time 🙂 Thanks for posting.

Leander Gomez

Leander Gomez Mar 14, 2016 Thanks for your advise. Recently there’s been a lot of people who seem to thrive on the hopes of a better future of many innocent workers. Thanks once again, would appreciate if you can kindly share it on facebook as there would be a lot of more people who would…

Paras Joshi

Paras Joshi Jun 8, 2016 This is a good one and yes pointed out accurately with the world updating on daily basis…

I almost fall a victim to this scammers

samuel sherry Jun 12, 2016 I almost fall a victim to this scammers was asked to pay 90 dollars so I googled the name of the company and google leveled the company as fraud. Thanks for sharing the information.

shiva Oct 1, 2016 Dear Ms.Vandana, Greetings, the info is very much useful. regards.

Dear Vandana The other night over dinner at my cousin’s place in a nice secured locality,we had long open discussion about migrating to some Indian friendly country,never the less it dotted on Canada,and brother in law n sister with one child policy in mind, thinking about years to come,and where there only child will…

Sanjay Oct 1, 2016 Well thought detailed observation… thank you

Preet Oct 1, 2016 I totally agree to your thoughts…been there done that..

Kaushal K Singh Oct 2, 2016 It was an eye opening ! great piece of information for migration in CANADA?