I'm a living, breathing person
At times, when you feel your voice is being sabotaged and manipulated by others in the society or someone of your own. Then these feelings are quite natural.
I'm a living, breathing person

I'm a living, breathing person with a voice.


Stop interrupting at every word I say.


So what if I am a woman,

God has, too, given me a soul, desires, and ambitions.


So what if I took a step back to see you and our children flourish,

Remember, the fire inside me has not fallen yet.


My dreams are still alive; I still do have the voice,

A voice that was loud and heard before I married you. 


So what if I have opinions and put them across a few times,

Don't get mad; you know all I've done is follow your lead until now.


So what if I'm the one apologizing for every time we argued,

I also have a heart that waits for you to take the blame once in a while.


So what if you're earning and managing finances,

I've been your rock throughout.


So what if you're a man who demands respect,

As a woman, I deserve respect too. 


So please let me breathe, let me laugh, and let me express my emotions,

Let me take decisions once in a while, and you step back.


Isn't marriage a two-way street where two people work in harmony,

Let's take our turns and do enough to make others laugh more.


From what I know, like the days, and years have passed,

But some things have never changed between us. 


While the women around me are gushing on pills; I choose to meditate.


Let's love each other till eternity and keep it all together.


I'm a living, breathing person with a voice,

And I want to be seen and heard.