It's Back Again- My first Poem on Spillwords
A poem about the season change and transition.
It's Back Again- My first Poem on Spillwords

My friends in the writer's circle inspired me to write a poem. As a kid, my friend used to recite short poems/ Shayari (Urdu) in the class. Sometimes even when the teacher was teaching, we used to rhyme words and laugh. I never did any of that in the last two decades. I never took a chance, but once, one of my friends spoke about her poem getting published on Spillwords. 


A random thought ran into my mind; I should try it once. We all inspire each other, so I took my chance. I had a deep connection with nature. I love to adore its magic. In the afternoon, I was lying down to relieve myself from the leg cramps. I looked outside the window, and it just turned me on. I took my phone and recorded my notes; words just flew while I gazed at the falling snow—something like cotton candy or maybe just a bunch of cotton balls shredded into pieces. Mother Nature gave us another chance to witness her glory in the middle of March. 


I read the poem to my son, and he suggested I should publish it. I then remembered Spillword, my friend had spoken about. I created an account and sent them my story along with my bio. Two days ago, I received an email saying they received my request and would be publishing it on March 21, 2022. I can't tell you how it feels—when you put your heart into creating something, and someone on the other side hears the tune. It was that moment for me. It's like getting a stamp on your papers, APPROVED. 


So, here it is, my first poem published on a platform. I hope to try my hands on poetry once in a while and see how it goes.



It's Back Again

written by: Vandana Joshi Bhatt



As I wake up, the blazing sun peeks through my window,

 Disguised as a summer charmer.

 A gag of geese honk at my doorstep,

 Returning from South, it's spring, they chant.

 The snow starts melting, my toboggan hill in the backyard is gone,

 I take my chances, go out for a stroll and witness the sign of upcoming spring.

 I notice the shoots coming out of the tree branches,

 I notice the roots sprouting from the earth.

 Then suddenly it comes, again through my windows,

 Snow brings a blanket and covers the land and trees with its magical aura.

 As I see it fall, I think to myself,

 Canada is so beautiful; let's enjoy the last shot while it lasts.

 Snow so beautiful, so magical. 



Let me know how you all like it and if I should continue doing it from here. Thanks a lot for your support. 


P.S. The picture in this post does not justice to the real magical event.