Aircarft Photography
Blue sky, clouds resembling cotton balls and serpentine rivers are visual treats while traveling in the plane.
Aircarft Photography

They say, "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". I'm a mountain girl, was born in the hills and have always cherished and adored them. Some pictures which I took from theaircrafttoday, some gorgeous American landscapes and Canadian skies from the plane.It looked so majestic, hope I was able to capture them exactly the way I saw them.

Turquoise/ bottle green water bodies, white cotton candy kind of clouds and mountain terrain whichwere shapedlike leaflets were soeye-pleasing from the corner seat of the flight. Clouds that initially gave the effect ofsnow-coveredpeaks and later felt like a thick sheet or a bed-spread over the mountains. Glorious and bright Sun along with the fluffy clouds generated a spectacular sight.


vinneve 6 seconds ago

It is interesting looking out of the plane window! I do it everytime :)

Raj Bhatt 6 seconds ago

Thanks, if it's bright outside, I prefer peeping out of the window to explore, even in buses n long car drive, :)