Sunset Point Park at Collingwood

Chasing the sunsets! How many of you like watching sunrise or sunsets? I’m an ardent fan of nature, nature lover since birth but I’ve started adoring sunsets since past 3 years. I have had a chance to experience a few sunrises also but mostly sunsets. It keeps me some kind of peace and feeds my soul. Sunset, when the day ends and the horizon is all set to wear the colorful apparel. It seems like it gets tired of wearing blue all day and it’s time to open the wardrobe and change into polycromatic attire. The shades of golden yellow, orange and pink must be its favorite. The horizon wants us to know that it’s time to rest and enjoy the wonders of nature. It tells us to wait for another spectacular natural phenomenon which will appear when the sun rises. The event is an experience in itself, magnificent and sophisticated.

It’s COVID time and we are trying to keep ourselves grounded to the four walls of the house, finding our ways from the bedroom to the bathroom to kitchen and to office tables. It can all look miserable at times, we don’t know how the week goes, Saturday and Sunday don’t seem to fun anymore. We are so used to staying with the cohort group of our families. We hardly see any of our friends, people are now choosing who they want to create their bubble with. You cannot meet so many of them as there is a high risk. House parties, park trips all don’t attract anymore, walking and biking with distancing could still amuse one.

Canada, where winters are harsh and people anxiously wait for the summer to come where they can explore outdoors, go for hiking, visit cottages and enjoy nature. This summer is a bit different, although Government has eased the rules but it still feels like a big deal to go places. We have made a bubble of couple of friends and family. At least we are fortunate, we can get out of the house to walk around in the neighborhood. My sister in India has not stepped out of the house for last 6 months, due to her young daughter. I’m glad, we are still going out to breathe the fresh air and soaking it all in before we encounter the cooler fall months and welcome winter. Quarantine or no quarantine, we would all be enclosed to our households after that.

Festivals don’t feel like festivals anymore, most of the big events have been cancelled. This is the first year I haven’t yet visited any temple, just praying at home and believe we need to pray more for the world. God needs to hear that more people with faith are still living. Yesterday, we decided to visit a beach park to see the sunset. Sunset Point Park at Collingwood is a short drive from home, located on the bay Sunset beach park was a treat with friends. We are avoiding going to public places on weekends, weekdays are scheduled for work meetings but if you can finish early one day to experience this, it would be great. All the public places are packed with people even during COVID, choosing a weekday is a better choice. We finished the meetings early and left home around 5pm, the sunset time now is around 8:25pm. It felt so peaceful and nostalgic sitting on the rocks, gazing the moving waves and glittery sunshine until the sun actually bid goodbyes for the day.

You can come a bit early to explore the waters if you would like, public washrooms are now open. There is a Tim Hortons and food outlets around 1.5kms from this place, plenty of choices, pizza, Mc Donalds and even Indian restaurant. You can buy stuff and eat at the beach or just carry some food from home to relish at the park. Be careful of the bees buzzing around and also tons of seagulls staring at your food. We loved spending our evening and drove back just after the sunset. The pink horizon looked captivating, I didn’t want to leave. We took tons of pictures, sharing some here for you all. Some of the best sunset shots we have taken, see you all till we meet again!

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  1. Wow really nice way of portraying this. Very nice.


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