How Governments around the world are helping their citizens to deal with Covid-19 Pandemic?

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How Governments around the world are helping their citizens to affect the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a communicable disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease was first identified in 2019 in Wuhan, China, and has since spread globally, leading to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. Common symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Muscle pain, sputum production, and pharyngitis are less common. While the bulk of cases end in mild symptoms, some reach severe pneumonia and multi-organ failure. the speed of deaths per number of diagnosed cases is on the average 3.4%, starting from 0.2% in those under 20 to approximately 15% in those over 80 years old.
The infection is usually spread from one person to a different via respiratory droplets produced during coughing and sneezing. Time from exposure to onset of symptoms is usually between two and 14 days, with a mean of 5 days. the quality method of diagnosis is by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) from a nasopharyngeal swab. The infection also can be diagnosed from a mixture of symptoms, risk factors and a chest CT scan showing features of pneumonia.
Businesses and economies are suffering around the world as there are complete lockdowns in some countries and other people are told to remain home. There are visuals coming from various parts of the planet where flights are canceled, borders are sealed, airports closed down, cruise lines aren’t operating, people are panic buying, schools, nurseries, and universities are closed, restaurant, bars and cafes, beaches, swimming pools, and major tourist destinations have pack up thanks to the pandemic.
The situation is like never seen before in our generation, nobody knows how long this is able to last. The hospitality industry has been really hit hard. The oil price has fallen below 30$ per barrel. The testing for vaccination is ongoing, but there’s no news to as of how it might be ready and available for the overall public, thus far flatten the curve and Covid-19 hashtags are trending worldwide.

Well, with all the negative news, there’s

something positive that we should always notice. albeit people are forced to remain home, the pandemic is teaching us to be more human. it’s teaching us to twiddle my thumbs as we keep expecting the news to interrupt patiently so take crucial decisions, what other choices can we have? the earth is healing because the pollution goes down, there are only a few planes flying, no cruise ships within the sea, there are less cars on the roads. People are spending time together as a family. People in Italy have started a replacement culture where neighbours close at a specific time and play music to spread cheer within the current depressing times. Spain and France have followed an equivalent regime. this is often happening within the times once we don’t even know who stays within the next house and keep ourselves isolated maintaining our so-called busy and normal lives.
The best part is Governments try to guard their people and every country has come up with new measures to save lots of their people and businesses. As a Canadian, I’m very pleased and proud of our leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced, holding mortgage payments and tax season to increase by September. a number of the important steps taken by the Canadian Government are here below.
Emergency Funds for COVID-19:

  1. GST credit – $400 single adults – $600 for couples
    2. Child tax break Top up – $300 per child added on top of what you receive already.
    3. Student loan payments deferred
    -6-month timeframe
    -no payments
    -no interest accrual
    4. Indigenous community-based support fund
    -$305 million
    5. $200 million provided for community resources
    -Shelters/homeless needs
    -Sexual assault/transition homes
    6. 10% wage subsidy for small-medium sized businesses for workers.
    -$25,000 per employer
    7. Ensured Mortgage Protection Program
    -50 billion provided
    -payment deferrals
    -special payment arrangements
    8. Bank Supports
    -auto loans – deferral of payments possible
    -contact bank directly
    -speak to your institutions
    9. income Tax
    -payment before September. 1st/2020 – extended deadline for tax payment owed
    -Filing deadline for tax – June.1st/202010. Emergency Care Benefit
    -Quarantined or caring for a sick loved one
    -Providing $900 biweekly
    -Payment via direct deposit
    -Will not require medical documentation
    -Starting early April

    11. Emergency support fund – $5 Billion
    -more info to return
    *Supply chains from groceries will maintain fair prices for Canadians

    UAE Government has also introduced some positive measures for the citizens and Residents. Abu Dhabi announced a stimulus package following directives from His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE soldiers.
    – Allocating Dh5 billion to subsidise water and electricity for citizens, and commercial and industrial activities.
    – Subsidising electricity connection fees for startups until the top of this year.
    – Toll charge exemption for all vehicles in 2020
    – Exempting all commercial and industrial activities from land registrations this year.
    – Exempting all commercial and industrial activities from Tawtheeq fees this year.
    – Allocating Dh3b to the SME (small-medium enterprise) credit guarantee scheme managed by Abu Dhabi Investment Office to stimulate financing by local banks and enhance SME’s ability to navigate the present market environment.
    – Allocating Dh1b to determine a market maker fund, to reinforce liquidity and sustain the balance between supply and demand for stocks.
    – Settling all approved government payables and invoices within 15 working days.
    – Suspending bid bonds and exempting startups of performance guarantees for projects up to Dh50 million.
    – Reducing industrial land leasing fees by 25% on new contracts.
    – Waiving current commercial and industrial penalties.
    – Exempting commercial vehicles from annual registration fees to the top of 2020.
    – Exempting all vehicles from traffic tariffs from road tolls to the top of 2020.
    – Suspending tourism and municipality fees for tourism & entertainment sectors for this year.
    – Offering up to twenty percent rebate on rental values for the restaurants and tourism and entertainment sectors.
    – Establishing a replacement committee headed by the Department of Finance, with members from the Department of Economic Development and native banks to review lending options to support local companies.
    France Government, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire detailed the government’s plan of attack, which envisages the mobilisation of €345 billion to support the economy, from car companies to the company giants of the CAC40. “This economic and financial war is going to be long-lasting” warned the minister.
    Macron announced in his speech last Thursday (12 March) that the govt would found out a €45 billion fund to be used for canceling or deferring Social Security contributions for companies, so as to stop the bankruptcy of these suffering from the stoppage or a pointy slowdown in their activity.
    Part of this money also will be wont to finance the huge short-time working scheme, which was found out as a matter of urgency.
    “We must not have one SME [small or medium-sized enterprise] that’s not during a position to pay its Social Security contributions,” the minister added. Finally, €2 billion from this fund should make it possible to support micro-enterprises whose turnover will have fallen significantly thanks to the health crisis.

    The above are just a couple of samples of World leaders who are stepping up to save lots of their countrymen and economies, we hope and believe things will recover soon and this so-called Pandemic passes quickly sort of a bad dream. Maybe we will all prefer to pray and replace the time we are spending to observe TV and social media news to stay our faith in almighty and be positive.



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