Christmas Brunch at Ghaya Grand Hotel, Dubai

Happy Birthday, Jesus! Had a Christmas brunch at Ghaya Grand Hotel, Dubai yesterday with the family, it was one in a long time and the best Christmas ever. It felt just like a small Christmas village, we have been watching Christmas movies every night with kids as we do every year. Christmas spirit is what we all love, it’s great to see the same spirit here in Dubai. The shops, mall, and hotels are all decorated with Christmas trees, poinsettias and other decorations are marvelous. It took me back to years ago when we were in Kenya and had celebrated Christmas at Neptune hotels.


Ghaya Grand was all set for spreading Christmas cheers to their guests on Christmas afternoon. The lobby had a giant Christmas tree with ornaments, what we liked the most was star-shaped ornaments with the whole staff names written on top in their native languages. The stairs leading up to the restaurant were filled with garlands and poinsettias on the side and a reindeer in the middle. Christmas is all about being with family, traditions, spreading joy and kindness. I don’t have childhood memories as we never celebrated Christmas at home but growing up, we’ve made tons of lifetime memories with friends and family. It’s the best time of the year, I hope my kids can store some of their Christmas memories.


016d16bb-2c6a-4a56-b9a1-859547ec06297a0bdafa-3c1f-424d-ac47-f808da6ecf21The lavish buffet served Christmas tree built with seafood, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Arabic, Continental, there was something for everyone on the menu. The dessert counter had huge choices for holiday specials, cakes, and pastries. They invited a clown for balloons and face paintings, kids couldn’t be so happy and then Santa showed up with a very large bag and ringing bells. The best part for me was the Christmas carols, I have always loved them but this time I sang together loudly, it was so much fun. Santa distributed presents to the kids after that and there was only joy and cheers everywhere.

For the next year, I would love to visit a small Christmas Town in Canada where they do Christmas market, carols and tons of activities for kids, praying it will be a white Christmas as well. Hoping for big things in 2020. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


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