Day 12/13 in Toledo and Madrid, Spain

Cordoba wasn’t that bad, we decided we will leave early morning as soon as possible so that we have enough time in hand to explore Toledo on our way to Madrid. Cordoba to Madrid was about 396 km and we took a detour to Toledo which was on the way. They were doing day trips from Madrid when we were there the first day and thought we would cover it on our way. Toledo is only 90 km from Madrid.

So, as planned we left Cordoba around 6am, it was still time for sunrise and we hit the highways. We experienced a beautiful sunrise on the highways and drove straight to Toledo. We planned to reach there early so that we at least have 2 hours to explore. Toledo looked like a wonderful historical town on a mountain. A place with ancient monuments and rich heritage. UNESCO declared Toledo, a World Heritage Site in 1986.

“City of the Three Cultures” for the cultural influences of Christians, Muslims and Jews reflected in its history. It was also the capital from 542 to 725 AD of the ancient Visigothic kingdom, which followed the fall of the Roman Empire, and the location of historic events such as the Visigothic Councils of Toledo.

We wanted to explore more about the city, we parked the car and started walking uphill, beautiful architecture and city views from the top was mesmerizing, although we couldn’t walk all the way up. We were tired and had more to drive so we sat down for lunch. After lunch, we took the car and hit the highways again towards Madrid.

It didn’t take us long to reach Madrid, we had planned to reach Madrid maximum by 2pm and there we were, checked in the same apartment we had stayed last time when we landed. We had left one suitcase there, now we had a few hours to walk around and we wanted to sleep for some time as our flight was the next day at 6am.

We had already explored the areas around but walked again a little bit and came back early to sleep. The best part about Spain was people were so lively, girls in groups, boys in groups, families, old couples walking hand in hand was just amazing. We had covered 3500 km of Spain in 12 days through mountain chains, uphill, and downhills. We had seen it all, the green lush mountains, the tough rocky mountains, the nude mountains and the oceans, the narrow streets, Flamenco show, street Grafitti. Spain was a wonderful host. We loved our trip and made so many memories.

The next morning on day-13, we drove to the airport and left the car with AVIS rent-a-car and boarded the flight to Zurich. We had a connecting flight from Madrid-Zurich-Dubai. It felt tiring but we were happy to go home yet sad that our 1 month long trip from Canada and Spain was ending soon. We took time to visit Zurich in the middle and rode the streetcar and took a train to the city. Flight to Dubai was another 6 hours and we were home soon.

I would highly recommend visiting Spain once in a lifetime, my favorite cities were Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastien, and Malaga. Hope you enjoyed my journey on the road for 12 days, will be back with more trips soon on this blog! Peace out!