Pranzo at Time Oak Hotel and Suites

In Italy, the midday meal (pranzo) is a sort of sprawling feast, lasting hours. It is the reason many of the shops in Italy are closed between noon and 3 pm. Because food is more important than Capitalism. Sometimes, the people in Italy eat in late hours making it between lunch and dinner which is more like a lunner than brunch, said Mr. Guzman, the General Manager of Time Oak Hotel and Suites. Italians love to eat for hours, chitchatting and enjoying their sumptuous delicacies. It’s all about sharing food in Italy. There are also antipasti and contorni and insalate and dolci. There is wave after wave of food, eaten by ridiculously skinny people, overall Italians love their food.

Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an Art, the statement was proved right by the kitchen team of PRANZO at Time Oak Hotel and Suites TECOM. 8471b843-144c-42dc-8d6f-c371f074b728-1

img_3717Food makes us happy and Pranzo was phenomenal. The other positive point was their service. The executive chef, Adam Schorr at Pranzo hails from the United States and has brought American touch to the Italian theme. The restaurant offers Italian, American and Mediterranean cuisines. Their speciality is their oven where they can bake fresh Pizzas and bread.The ambiance of the restaurant is pleasant and cheerful with sunlight peeking a bit. The staff is professional and cheerful, the service was steady. The marking on the food table was a good idea, Pranzo serves buffet lunch but ala-carte is also available for the guests. Soon, they would be available on delivery apps for people in the area and surroundings can order.


Their pizza was amazing and quinoa salad stole my heart, fresh and delicious. As a vegetarian, I constrict my diet to vegetable based diet and I was happy to see so many choices for me in the menu. I don’t have gluten allergy, so bread is good to go. Risotto and curry were another delight. My husband tried the lamb chops and other seafood dishes, they were outstanding as well. The USP of Pranzo is again the flavors of their food.


The dessert summed up the afternoon, we really had good time at Pranzo, quite a food destination in TECOM for food lovers, we would definitely return soon.

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