What is Hospitality Job?

What is Hospitality Job?

Are you ready for an exciting career in hospitality?

Hospitality is a trillion-dollar industry and is also the largest service industry, not to mention one of the fastest growing industries in the world. From hospitality jobs in Dubai to hotel jobs in Canada, hospitality jobs in India and Retail jobs in the U.S., millions of workers all around the globe are proud to call themselves hospitality employees. Whether you want to greet hotel guests in Toronto, Sydney, Australia; become an executive chef in Vancouver or Turkey; or serve up coffee in Montreal, Canada, there is a rewarding hospitality career designed to match your unique skills and interests.

The hospitality industry, including but not limited to hotels, restaurants and meeting venues, is growing exponentially. Hospitality industry includes Hotels, Restaurant, Bars, Cafes, Airlines, Travel Agencies, Event Planning, Theme Parks, Cruise Line, Facilities Management and even some part of Retail.

Hospitality jobs fall in the range of departments like General Management, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, Front Office, Guest Services, Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing, Chef and Culinary, Engineering, Security, Recreation and Animation, Spa and Wellness, Retail Sales, Travel, Airline staff, Facilities Management etc.

Hospitality jobs typically require at least a high school diploma and extensive on-the-job experience. Larger restaurants and hotels may require their managers to have a bachelor’s degree in business management, and some restaurants may prefer that their managers have postsecondary training in the culinary field.

Hospitality industry is all about passion, commitment, delivery and overall a warm personality and attitude. To be successful in the hospitality industry, you must be committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. You must do whatever it takes to keep customers happy and also create repeat business. A good hospitality employee does not meet Guest Expectation but is always ready to ā€œExceed Expectationsā€

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Hozpitality.com is the Middle East’s leading dedicated hospitality website for experienced and entry-level hospitality professionals. From hospitality jobs in Dubai to chief engineer positions in Europe and store manager jobs in the U.S., job seekers can search for employment opportunities all over the world in this fast-growing industry.

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