Best Places to visit in Glasgow

History, nature, and science are inevitable parts of our lives. Humans have distanced themselves from nature over the years and are indulging more into materialistic things. Nature and humans are like cousins, they have similar elements. Life once started in water and will later end in water. Our body consists of 70% water and chemicals. Nature and science go hand in hand and as humans, the new generation is always curious to know what happened in the past, that’s history.

Travelling has taught me to take more interest in history, earlier I always hated it. Now, I like to take my time to explore the museums, the libraries, and historic places and learn about the ancestry, origin, and other interesting fun facts. Traveling is the best way to increase general knowledge.

My interest in museums started when my brother took us to visit a palace with the rich history. We were given headphones for a guided tour. As we entered the palace, we were informed about the area, the architecture, the royal family and the impact it had on society. It excited me, we had only heard a little about them in the past but didn’t know that deep.


My eldest recently participated in World Dance Championship in Scotland, UK. Scotland is a place with rich history, varied landscapes, steep glens, expansive farmlands, and sheer cliffs. Scotland is also popular for their highlands. The National animal of Scotland is Unicorn and the famous drink is Whiskey.

The traditional national dress showcases haired men in green and red cashmere skirt, the popular music instrument is Bagpiper. Glasgow is famous for one of the best medical schools in the world and many scientists and inventors were born and studied in Glasgow.


The Clyde made Glasgow and Glasgow made the Clyde, the most prestigious cruise lines were built on the Clyde, like the Tall Ship, Queen Elizabeth-2, etc. The Clyde river provides a beautiful landscape to the city. It is the eighth longest river in the United Kingdom, and the second-longest in Scotland. Traveling through the major city of Glasgow, it was an important river for shipbuilding and trade in the British Empire.

Hop-on and hop-off buses are the best tools to explore any city. It gives an opportunity to visit various attractions within the city with the privilege of dropping off and picking up and the schedule is quite convenient. Buchanan Street, Merchant City, and George Square the busiest places of Glasgow. In summer days, this place becomes a walker’s paradise, lively streets with live entertainment, restaurants and biggest brands for shopping all can be found on Buchanan Street itself. Tourists flocking in and around and the tour buses roaming by. This place is one of the best tourist attractions in Glasgow.

Hotel Choice: – We chose Marriott Glasgow for our stay in Glasgow, centrally located it’s walking distance from Glasgow Central Railway station. If you like to walk more, Merchant city and George Square is right ahead.

The rooms were standard size and clean. The staff and service were great, the ambiance was good, and the hotel was generally full in summer.


Weather: – It rains a lot in Glasgow and late August felt like fall, it was windy and with rains. We’re glad it didn’t rain much when we were outside but rained heavily we departed the city. Unlike Toronto which feels as hot as Florida this summer. If you are traveling to Scotland, make sure to check the weather before you travel and carry wind sheeters and rain gears.

City Sightseeing:- Glasgow Marriott is one of the stops for City Sightseeing buses and even Scottish Exhibition Centre, it was the best deal for us to travel around as we could easily hop on and hop off anytime. We also visited the Hunterian and Riverside Museum. We were glad to visit Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) which is one of their stops and was amazed. We relished some delicious and traditional meal. The kind gesture of these people is amazing, you go to any city and country. They would always serve you with a smile.


0eda7401-600d-47b8-b371-22dfc529683837facbf1-a7c3-4720-be54-f1c0e511c700Bars near Glasgow University talk about female students who once chained themselves until they were allowed to drink with their male peers. An ancient tree still holds the banner from the time when women were announced to vote. There are many art galleries and museums where you can enter free of charge. Scottish Government believes, there should be no charge to access the historical monuments and remains.

Adam Smith, father of Economics studied at Glasgow University and X-rays were first invented in the same university. Glasgow sees one of the largest population of students from all over the world because of their reputed universities. There was still so much to explore with the same bus tours but we had limited time.

My best experience was to see old couples holding hands and walking along the streets, laughing, dining and dancing together. I hope someday, we will also grow into one of those fun couples, who explore, enjoy and live life at ease. Glasgow trip was indeed a memorable trip for our whole family and our school team was amongst the Top 10 teams in the World Dance Championship. We are still reminiscing about the wonderful weekend we had in Scotland.

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  1. Choi says:

    Seems like it was a great day for you!

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    1. Yes, actually a great long weekend!


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