Hidden gem in middle of the Business district

Hidden gem in the middle of the business district , Ghaya Grand is a 5* hotel catering to corporate, families and other clients at their beautiful property at IMPZ. Though the location is a bit far from the middle of the city but they receive a lot of groups and families for leisure and business purposes.

They have bus rides to accommodate their guests needs so that they can enjoy the charm of Dubai city while come back to relax in their spacious suites and apartments. The large pool between the apartment buildings is an opportunity to unwind and relax.

We went to dine in their Red Diamond Restaurant yesterday with a group of friends and the ambience, the service and the food was just excellent. We loved each and every moment we spent there. Ghaya Grand also hosts Movie nights on Wednesday and International Barbecue nights on Thursdays…..if you are in the area for a business meeting, bring your clients there for a buffet lunch at only 65 AED.

Since Sports City is nearby, they receive a lot of International players as repetitive guests at their beautiful property. Ghaya Grand comes equipped with all the modern and unique technologies and works on different ideas to keep their guests entertained.

The staff was terrific, we would definitely go again.

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