Super Blue Blood Moon

The entire world was going crazy to see the historical Super Blue Blood Moon, some people had booked at the observatory, some at their favourite restaurant, some at the beaches and many were sceptical about it. It was indeed a once in a lifetime achievement and experience. One of their clients were taking their entire EXCOM team to the dessert to see the majestic site while having some free time and  team building exercise.

Dubai Skies had overcast and Moon really had to fight through the eclipse as well as the clouds to show its followers the historic sight. After having an overwhelming and tiring day, we only thought of visiting it in the neighbourhood with kids. As we saw the Moon struggling, we waited outside for a few minutes, took a few rounds but didn’t get the glimpse of Super Blue Blood moon. It was a windy night and we returned home unrewarded, without being a part of a significant occurrence that we wouldn’t be able to experience it ever in our lives. I was exhausted and slept much earlier in anticipation of waking up early morning to get a sight of the Moon.

At 5am in 16 degrees, I took my time to admire the moon and took couple of shots. The Moon looked magical, radiant, and full of life, somewhat like sun in the dark skies. My hands were shaking a lot so the pictures are not that perfect but I tried my best. Here are a few shots I took this morning;

MoonSuperblood MoonSuper Blue blood Moon

Moon like SunRed Moon.1

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