14 Pics That Prove Nainital Beats Any European destination

I’ve been longing to write something about my favorite hill station in India, “Nainital”. Nainital is a small hill station located in the Northern Himalayan region of India. As soon as you enter the city, the mighty lake surrounded by spell binding mountains will welcome you to its abode. The aura and tranquility of this place is unbelievable. If you’re visiting India, make sure “Nainital” is in your bucket list, needless to say, it’s also my birthplace, my grandparents still reside there. When we traveled to Switzerland, I was recalling the roads and scenic beauty of our own nation and hill stations, we’ve got the abundance of Mother Nature filled with striking mountains terrains, flora, and fauna. The Himalayas, the colossal mountains, the largest and highest peak on Earth, sit next to us, it’s understood this place has to be mesmerizing, no doubts about that.


Uttarakhand-High-Court-allows-goats-inside-Naina-Devi-temple-ban-on-sacrifice-staysNainital, based on Goddess Naina Devi describes lake that belongs to Goddess Naina, “Naini- Tal”, you’ll be amazed to see the awe-inspiring, supreme beauty of Mother Nature as soon as you enter the city. Nainital comprises of Mallital and Tallital, Malli means upper, Talli means the lower area around the lake. To connect the upper and lower area, there are 2 roads, the famous Mall Road which is quite busy all the time and full of tourists and residents and Thandi Road which is normally quiet and peaceful.

Some facts about Nainital:-

Nainital was a preferred hilly destination of British Empire once they ruled Northern India. Some of the architecture still has a mark of the British world.

  1. Look at those colorful boats!!! Never saw them anywhere else, not even in Europe! Nanital 2

3. It has the perfect romantic weather for honeymooners. Those large ones are surfing boats, we call them “Pal wali Nav”.


4.Take a tour of other hill stations in India, you won’t find them any better than Nainital. We’ve been to Shimla, Mussoorie etc but nothing beats Nainital, nope…not happening.

5. Home to the churches, mosques, temples, monasteries, Nainital is the best example of “Unity in Diversity”

6. You’re fond of snow, visit here in January. You can play snowball fight or skate outdoors.

It’s just a few hours from Delhi (International Airport); you can reach her by train, car or taxi. The nearest airport is Pant Nagar; you can take a taxi straight to Nainital. If you take a train, the last stop is Kathgodam, taxis are available at any time of the day.

7. Why they invented Mall road in each and every hill station, it’s still a mystery for me? Do you know? If yes, please explain.


8. You are a fan of Rikshaw ride, take a trip from Mallital to Tallital in rickshaw and stare the majestic site of Nainital.


9.. If you choose walking is better, take a walking trip in peace at Thandi Sadak.

1. Want some more proof of European architecture, visit Governor house, St. Josephs School, and Victoria church.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANainital 5Nanni5St._Joseph's_College,_Nainital_(SEM)

11. Boy, are you a hiking fan? Take a trip to China Peak, Tiffin top and snow view and get a closer view of Himalayas.

12. More hiking and road trip, take a trip to Hanuman Gadi and National Observatory for star gazing.


Things to visit in Nainital:-

  1. Naina Devi Temple- As described by the name, it’s the main attraction of Nainital overlooking Naini Lake. I visited it each and every day with my grandmother during summer holidays.
  2. Gurudwara- Just a few blocks from Naina Devi temple is this Gurudwara, another place to bow the heads and to thank the Almighty.
  3. Fields- The grounds between the Mall Road and Naina Devi temple is filled with tourist all year round. Lots of Bollywood movies were shot here.
  4. Mall Road- Don’t know why every hill station has a Mall Road, maybe it’s due to the shopping outlets alongside the road, just a guess but Mall Road is the most happening area in Nainital during the season. There are no vehicles allowed after 5pm on Mall Road. Tourists flock on here as soon as it’s dawn to enjoy the lake in night light.
  5. Rickshaw ride is a must in Nainital- Rickshaws transport the passengers up and down on the mall road. Only 2 passengers are allowed per rickshaw now, the rates are fixed but you can pay a tip to the person if you would like.
  6. Snow View- If you love hiking, don’t take the gondola instead hike uphill to Snow view, it’s so much fun and while you are at the top, don’t forget to try the delicious Kwality Ice-cream. You get to witness the mighty Himalayas from this point.
  7. Tippon Top is another hiking destination, you can also get horse/ pony ride to reach there but we hiked all the way up with a big group, it was an epic and unforgettable memory of my life.
  8. China Peak- It’s the highest peak of Nainital, we could never make it there yet. Himalayan mountain chains look closer from here. Horse/pony rides are available for tourists.
  9. Hanuman Gadhi- Hanuman devotes must seek blessings at Hanuman Gadhi, it’s on the way from Nainital to Haldwani.
  10. Observatory- My best friend worked here, she is a scientist. I am so proud of her but never got an opportunity to actually visit it. If you’re one of those Astronomic enthusiasts, you must visit there.
  11. Old church located at the Mall road- This was our favorite church at the beginning of upper Mall road, quiet and peaceful.
  12. Nainital Zoo- I don’t like the zoo anymore but if are fond of animals, this is one place. You can reach there by cars, it’s quite accessible.
  13. Boat Ride- So many beautiful, vibrant boat rides are must, which one would you choose, paddle boat, rowing boat or a surfing boat. Enchanting mountains, the clear lake, serenity, and the ambiance will steal your heart.
  14. Outlets near Naina Devi temple- There are multiple outlets just outside the temple, adjacent to each other which serve the street style delicacies. You must try them once.

There is Tibetan market, where you can bargain and get the good stuff. Also, there is a man in the middle of the market who serves hot momos and chowmein, if you’re fond of it then you must try it.

 All the above places are my favorite and are the most amazing places to visit while you are visiting Nainital. I have been everywhere except Observatory and China Peak, in my bucket list for our next visit.

Last but not the least; do visit Kainchi Dham of Neemkarauli Baba, a reincarnation of Lord Hanuman. After all tech giants like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg took shelter here to take inspiration, once they had dark days in their lives.

Happy Touring in Nainital!!! I’m waiting for my turn soon!!!

P.S. Pictures are not my own, they have been supplied from the net.

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