Are you recruiting wisely?


Recruitment in current synopsis: 

The recruitment process has evolved drastically over the past one decade. The old fashion way of recruiting does not always work with most of the companies. Depending on the size of the company, different companies use different strategies and source of recruitment. Most of the companies now head their own HR department to process the hiring and maintain employee relations.

Old Fashioned Way (Referrals):- Mostly, small companies use this channel to recruit their employees. Referrals normally come through employees or colleagues and still are the best way to close vacant positions internally. You would be surprised to know; at least 70% of industry jobs don’t get advertised but recruited through internal connections or personal references.

Personal recruits are dependable because they come through someone known who also ensures their work efficiency, quality and ethics.

Hiring Consultants:-  If a position is not closed through references, companies then take a route of hiring consultants/ agencies to recruit a particular position/ positions. Recruitment agencies charge a percentage candidate’s salary from the company after the successful hiring. There are a few agencies who charge the candidates, which is unethical.

The agency does a job of searching, screening and shortlisting the candidate resume, based on the requirement and manages the interviews, follows up with the company and the candidate. Once the candidate joins the organization and the agency gets paid.

Social Media:-  Social Media is the irreplaceable demand of today’s market trend and generation. Almost everyone is on social media for personal/ business use, thanks to the digital age. Companies also smartly use Social Media to advertise their jobs and to find preferred candidates. It is not hidden that companies check candidates’ public profile to see the references and the content they share to perceive the glimpse of their personality.

Company Websites:- Almost all the companies now have career section on their website, where they encourage the candidates to register and apply directly for the vacant positions, within their organization. This feature is mostly used by the large organization/ group of companies.

Job Board:- Job boards are the match making engines that connects the candidates/ employers. Companies post their positions directly on the Job boards, the candidates then apply for the suitable vacancies through the portal. The CV goes directly through the client/ employer who has posted the vacancy and is currently recruiting.

Job Boards use filters such as location, department, industry, level and area to match the company requirement; the candidate who qualifies the need qualifies for the job and is invited for an interview directly by the employer. Job Board is the best platform to advertise jobs, search candidate database and to find best suitable jobs. There are many generic Job Boards in the market.

Before you decide on hiring the employees or to apply a job through a Job Board, make sure to explore the web. Ensure about the Job Boards available in your area, find your niche market Job Boards. Niche market Job boards such as for Hospitality industry,  are eminent since it only deals with one industry and chances of finding your next role/ suitable employees are very high.

Job Boards are cost effective:- Niche Job Boards reach out to targeted professionals and has more reach than the others. It is the most effective way to recruit as companies can get packages, including Job postings, database search and CV downloads.  This way, companies can save $$$$ annually on their hiring budgets.

Job Board is similar to making an investment; companies can do to get better returns on quarterly, half yearly or annually. Most of the agencies/consultants also recruit through the Job boards by posting their jobs on them.

Job Boards help in branding:- Job Boards, also help the companies in digital branding and exposure. Since, the company name, Meta tags and keywords will be posted on the Job posting, it gives them more mileage in Search Engine Optimization. The company is also seen by numbers of registered professionals and unique visitors on the daily basis.

Companies spent thousands of dollars in marketing and advertisements, posting jobs on Job Boards simply gives you one more channel of branding.

Why Niche Job Board? As stated above, niche Job board provides targeted reach while generic Job Boards are open to anyone by the way they are marketed to public.  The reach is totally different, when you post a job on a generic Job Board, you can expect a plumber applying for a job of a pharmacist. Posting your company jobs on the generic website is like posting your jobs on the local business newspaper where you cannot ensure of getting 1% returns of your cost.

So, how does your company recruit? Which channel does your company use to recruit highly proficient staff? Please share your views in the comments below.

Written by Vandana Raj Bhatt, MD. Hozpitality Group

Hozpitality group is emerging as one of the fastest growing online media company in the Middle East and Asian market. We have over 900,000 registered hospitality professionals in our websites, – “Dedicated hospitality website for MEA” and – “Dedicated hospitality networking group”. Apart from the registered candidates (from Dubai, UAE, Middle East, Africa and Asia) we also reach out to over 1 million professionals through our monthly email marketing from over 186 countries.


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