Life is a road trip!

Life is a road-trip, you can only enjoy the serendipity once you hit the Jaunt. As you walk by, you see all sorts of panoramas, tranquility, barren lands, concrete, greenery, skyscrapers, plains, mountain terrains and majestic landscapes. Our wanderlust took us to Alabama last week; it was a week long trip on the wheels. Self-driving tours are the best, and you can proceed according to your comfort, take halt and enjoy the serenity. So this time, we took 2 days just to cover 1500Kms, people do it in 1 day too but we wanted to relax and take multiple stops to break our journey.

The drive through West Virginia is heavenly, the sight is extremely magnificent. You can’t take your eyes of those mountain terrains and serene landscapes, mountains sitting tall rapped with the green drape and almost touching the sky. They were telling me, keep your head high, no matter if you’re blessed with the flora and fauna or you’ve shed what you were bearing. They were telling me, there will be changes, probably couple of times in my lifespan but I’ve to take it positively and should still be proud of my blessings. The dense forests were telling me, we have to stay together and close. Mountain terrains tell us, though we look close and compact from far, we’re still quite a distance from each other, so if you’re out to explore,you might take longer to reach from one mountain to the other. It looks easier from far but you’ll know the depth once you get closer.

Change is the law of the Universe and we’ve to be ready to accept it no matter where life takes us. Just like the road trip, you don’t have caution about how steep the road is going to be, if there will be ascents or curves……you don’t know the perpendicular unless you reach that very slope and see down the hill. You will only know when you’re at that junction and can see the gradient. Some people take it as an adventure and some as a pity and get scared; it all depends on the perception.

Similarly, we won’t know if there is any passing cloud or an immediate storm, heading our way….if there will be icy roads or heavy rains….when we are on the road, we’ll just have to face it as it comes with positive attitude…..there will be blooms on the way but there could be cactus, who knows. There will be natural water bodies and large vegetation; there will be man-made islands….your experience will guide you through and sometimes you will learn something new or get a lesson from repeating the same mistake. The experiences will make you strong for the remaining journey. Some people will envy your journey by assuming the journey but you’re the only one who knows what your excursion is all about!

My connection with the mountains seems to be very old, I was born and raised among the mountains and have cherished them all my life. The beauty of Mother Nature is phenomenal; you can hardly escape the charm, she has to offer. Mother Nature tells us there is much more in the Universe, we still have to explore. Just keep yourself sturdy, pack your bags and hit the road yet again. You can only enjoy the serendipity if you hit the jaunt!

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I took all the above pictures with my I-phone 6 plus while driving, there is much more out there to explore from your own lenses, 🙂



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