Why won’t they hire you?

The time has passed when one person worked in one company or department all his/her life. People are more competitive and ambitious these days, they are more educated, have an acquainted amount of experience and talent which they bring to their workplace. Internet and technology have played a vital role; employees now keep themselves upgraded with the latest tech needed for their industry/role.

So, how do find your perfect job in this competitive and widely growing world market these days??? Here are a few tips that might help you!

  1. Networking: Half of the industry jobs are never announced or published, to the best of your career, keep in touch with your Ex-Bosses and colleagues. Most of the recruitment happens with the references given by the staff /colleagues or internally. The position only goes out when the suitable match is not found internally or through references. You can network with hospitality professionals thru Hozpitalityplus.com
  2. Find your niche: It is very important to find the niche companies that deal with recruitment in your industry. Niche market, recruitment companies, and portals are the best way to find a suitable opportunity.
  3. Always read the Job Description before you apply: My humble request to all the candidates to properly read the ad before applying for any position.

Companies have become more organized than ever, every company has an HR Department who works to decide the role of a certain position and unless and until it’s 90% match, you will not be hired.

If you are applying through an agency, you can request them about the Job description. When you apply for the position that matches your profile almost exactly, you have higher chances of getting shortlisted and getting hired by the company later.

Many candidates apply for anonymous positions regularly without reading the Job description or other details and keep waiting to hear from the recruitment companies or through the portals they have applied. Applying for unsuitable jobs may end up getting your precious CV in the Junk. ( it may seem harsh but it is a bitter truth)

4. Nationality Barrier Some companies/owners decide on which nationalities they would like to recruit for any particular position. It depends on their experience, the culture, and point of view. Some believe special skills are associated with some nationalities, some believe its favoritism and finally, some companies prefer particular nationalities because of the legalities of the country!

When you apply for jobs, make sure you don’t avoid the Nationality barrier, the Job Board you saw the ad on and the Consultant won’t be able to help you if the position has been generated by the company. 

5. Languages Required: Some jobs would require knowledge of the language for the specific region/geographical area to cater the clients. Make sure you know those languages, as you may be turned down just because of that.

6. Make sure you are applying for the same Industry Jobs: – Companies hire a person to delegate responsibilities and not to teach them. Search suitable hotel or restaurant jobs through Hozpitality.com

An IT Engineer who worked for numerous numbers of years is now looking for a change and is considering moving anywhere, regardless of industry or location. But please keep in mind, if a hotel in looking for an IT Manager, they would only need a person who has worked in the hotels before and knows how the hotel IT works.

If a person works in the financial sector and wants to apply for a new position, make sure you are applying in the same sector and for the same role, the company is looking for.

7. Do some research about the company before Face to Face interview: Make sure to research about the company and their culture before you go meet the employer as it always gives the positive impression about you and your interest in joining the company.

8. Last but not the least work on the CV: Make sure your CV is presentable, includes a photo, current contact details( on the top of the page ) and your experience is well described and professionally designed. For assistance with your CV design, you can visit https://www.hozpitality.com/cv-design.cms.asp


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