Dubai climate change- Global warming or increase in green communities?

I wake up after dreaming about snow many times…snow in some places where it had never snowed before. Recently there was a snowfall of 10 centimeters in the mountains, no I am not talking about Toronto; it was in the UAE this weekend. Friday morning was the coldest morning UAE residents have ever confronted. Hundreds of people witnessed the snow at the highest peak in UAE and some of them even made a Snowman, 🙂 it does sound very nostalgic, isn’t it? Emiratis and residents pay an enormous amount of money to take pleasure of cooler temperatures and off course for the snow, now it is right there in the Emirates at their disposal.

UAE was hit by a snow storm, a sand storm and high tides this weekend. According to the news, the tunnel going to Palm Jumeirah (Iconic man-made island) was closed because of high lashing winds and high tides. This change in climate calls for a serious concern for weather scientists across the globe.

Picture Courtsey: Arushi Mishra, Dubai

Dubai Weather   Dubai wasn’t like this before; it has always been very hot since it is a desert on the Northern belt. Generally, summers are extremely hot, last year in 2016 the temperature went as high 65 degree Celsius. Before parking your car in the outdoor parking area, you should make sure to put the sun shade in front of the dash to keep the steering bearable to hold when you are back, 😀 That’s part of nature as it has made it a hot desert, it’s understood.

We strive similar conditions in Canada, when we leave heaters on in the car before putting the kids in, 😀 Like we hibernate ourselves in winter in Canada, people in the UAE hibernate themselves too. Dubai summers are not only hot but very humid; imagine the feeling when clothes stick to your body and all that sweat pouring down your back. As soon as March arrives, while driving you can see steam coming from the roads (Tar-melt), and you know summer is here already. Dubai weather also brings various sand storms and foggy days.

Cloud Seeding: Cloud seeding could be another reason for bringing rain showers and cooler temperatures to Dubai. Cloud seeding aims to increase the amount of rain that falls by releasing pure salt crystal, silver iodide, potassium iodide or dry ice into the air, which helps to change the processes within the cloud.

Green Communities What do you think is the reason of climate in Dubai? Global warming has affected the temperatures worldwide. Winter of 2016-2017 has seen Kashmir (North India) dropping the temp to -25 degrees while Canada had the warmest winter in last few years and now UAE has seen 10cms of snow for the first time. The glaciers around the world are melting and there is no ice coverage on the great lakes of Canada which means extremely hot summer is on the chart for all of us.

Summer in 2016 was rated the hottest in Dubai and even Toronto had soaring hydro bills due to heat, a/c never went off after June until September. Global warming is a warning for low levels islands (like Maldives) which will soon diminish from Earth’s face. Another effect of Global warming is increased species of insects and deadly weeds. Due to the increase of Carbon Mono-oxide, a lot of health issues are generating for humans and well as animals.

UAE Government has been closely focusing on the issues of clean energy and climate change in the country. UAE is the low-lying country which faces higher temperatures. It plays a significant role since it’s a supplier of fossil energy; it becomes a challenge, finding the solution to cutting emissions while still providing the energy the world needs.

Global warming is certainly a reason but if you notice, over the past few years Dubai’s (UAE’s) infrastructure is changing, more and more communities are being built keeping the comfort of expatriates in mind. These communities are built with more trees, grasslands, swimming pools and parks inside. Ever since the freehold homes are built, villas have their own backyards similar to ours in Canada, it is unbelievable. They have the tremendous amount of greenery, flowers and even kitchen gardens. I don’t remember the name but there is a community on Emirates Road where the entrance is beautified with large trees on both the sides; it never looked like it was in the middle of the desert in Dubai, none other than a tropical island.

You could only find the cactus in Dubai and now you’ll be amazed to see greenery in most of the places, I wonder if they maintain it in summer and if yes, how?? I’ve seen Government maintaining the parks and roads with grass and flowers during the winter months but these new developments have more greenery on the map. They are also building a green city in Dubai which will have artificial snow. More greenery and more trees mean more precipitation in the future forecast.

Winter in Dubai was a bit cold but unlike now, temperatures drop to lower teen digits at night. I was in Dubai in December and saw people dressing up in jackets and kids with hats and all, it was never like that before. Amount of Precipitation has changed over the years. I remember in 2008 when the Meteorological Department announced heavy rains in January and we received a detailed email in the office about tips to drive and staying safe. It rained heavily for 2 days and Government announced a Rainy day on the second day itself. We were surprised as we had always seen that much rain but it wasn’t usual for UAE and people had to be safe. We spoke about it, how wonderful would it be if it will snow in Dubai in future! Imagine Sheikh Zayed Road with snow plows cleaning the roads, 🙂 Dubai hasn’t built its infrastructure keeping these weather conditions in mind and now looks like not only heavy rains but snow is going to find its way to Dubai soon.

If this continues who knows people of Dubai would visit Toronto for Sun and beaches in the future, 🙂

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