Middle East Hozpitality Excellence Awards 2016- Passion for the industry!


So how do I explain yesterday’s Gala event, it had everything, glitz, glamor, celebrities and  the entire hospitality industry was there at Dusit Thani yesterday. International Celebrity Chefs, Gary Rhodes, and Sanjeev Kapoor graced the event with their presence. Though they are celebrities but their popularity doesn’t discriminate their humble guesture and the imposing smile they wear.

Organizing an event has never been an easy task, 6 months of hard work, focus and dedication to organize something which is much needed by the industry; yes I am talking about Middle East Hozpitality Excellence Awards-2016. There were 84 award winners announced at the Awards Gala, last night at the Ballroom at Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai. Over 57,000 votes were received online which is amazing, the best part was to see happy and cheerful faces at the end, there were some who couldn’t make it to the stage but there is always next time. They were all winners, they are all passionate people who love hospitality and who love their jobs.




These awards were Popular Choice and hotel guests, friends and well-wishers have voted for their favorite people. It’s such a kind gesture from the hotels who participated to nominate to acknowledge their hidden gems, which should definitely be noticed for their awesome efforts, time and hard work they give to their company and maintain the good will of the hotel while entertaining the guests. It’s mesmerizing to see smiles on their faces when they get acknowledged and receive awards on the big stage, 🙂

Hospitality Industry is an industry who works day and night for you, even on the public holidays when everyone is on vacation and having good times with their families. This industry makes sure to make your days memorable when you stay with them or dine out with them. These people should be rewarded every day.

From the Kitchen to F&B, from Front Office to the Housekeeping, you don’t know what it takes to bring you to a clean and organized room and to bring you a platter filled with sumptuous food. It takes a whole structure, management and most important the professional skills. A person sacrifices 3 years of his life to graduate in hospitality and then works as a Housekeeping/ F&B/FO/Sales Assistant and greets you with a big smile on his face, it takes nothing but passion for this industry.

I cannot express my feelings when I saw a Junior Housekeeping attendant getting an award on the stage. When I saw his face, it felt he had a lump in his throat and he could burst into tears any minute. Although, he showed his thankful gesture while receiving the award, I’m sure he would’ve slept well yesterday night, 🙂


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