The grass is always greener on other side of the fence!

Canada is a land of democracy, land of culture, land of security, land of rights, flourishing children, glaciers, exquisite snow-capped mountain terrains and magnificent landscapes. Canada invites hundreds and thousands of immigrants/ refugees from the entire world every year. Canadians believe in equality of genders/ religion/race/color and cherish humanity. Canada is the hottest paradise for... Continue Reading →

“Regeneration of Kedar Valley”

Indian economy has changed drastically over the past few years; people are more educated, earning better salaries. Per capita income has increased and the spending power has gone over the moon. But this is just one part of India; there are many places which are still untouched and need improvement. India is slowly modernizing but... Continue Reading →

Wish, I could meet Justin Trudeau!

Ottawa is all about Parliament Hill, Museums and Rideau Canal; this was our third road trip to Canadian capital. People from all over the world gather every day to visit the historical site and the prestigious Government building. Unlike other countries, you can take a tour of Parliament House and take a pride of experiencing... Continue Reading →

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