How did we get Independence, was it because people of India or Pakistan??

Seventy years ago, two sons parted their ways from their mother and their land. This was the largest movement in human history, where millions of refugees had to forcefully move from one land to another, many of them were abandoned and even killed before they could reach their new destination.

A land where culture was a pride and brotherhood was a key. Regardless of religion or caste, neighbors kept their doors open for the other neighbors and all the festivals were celebrated together on the same street with great pomp and show. It was just one nation where people helped each other; there was no hatred among each other. Everyone spoke the same language, wore the same clothes and followed the same traditions. Soon after British rule, well ! they ruled nearly 200 years; a nation which was earlier named as Hindustan, was broken apart in 2 pieces. One called themselves India and other Pakistan. No one was happy with the decision; they were all forced into it. People were told to leave their belongings, their friends, their neighbors, their land and move to the other parted land. Some chose to leave and some were pushed; off course, religion and politics played a big role in it.People couldn’t understand that they should celebrate August 15, 1947 as they were now independent or sad as they were compelled into something that they didn’t wish for.

After so many years of Independence, I was wondering, we are very proud of our Independence but who actually got us that freedom? Was it people from India or people from Pakistan? Did they fight separately to see this very day, to breathe in a different country? When the initial freedom movement began, did they ever dream about it? No, surely not, I don’t think so; they could’ve never imagined it in their wildest dream. A nation where neighbors were treated as brothers and sisters, no matter what religion they belonged to. The spirit of patriotism was filled deep in their blood and which pushed the outsiders away from their land. They couldn’t be from 2 countries, fighting for one solid cause, they just belonged to one.

They didn’t belong to India or Pakistan, everyone fought together as Freedom fighters and sacrificed their lives so that the new generations could see the sunshine of the free nation and breathe in an environment where they could feel the freedom of speech and happiness. They educated people, how important this freedom is for the upcoming generations. But they didn’t fight as Indians or Pakistanis; they fought as Hindustanis because they belonged to one great nation.

How many of you would know that “Sare Jahan se Achha Hindustan Hamara, Hum Bulbule hain iski ye gulsitan hamara”, the song we have been singing since childhood was actually written and sung by Muhammad Iqbal before the partition and when freedom movement was in effect and he later lived in Pakistan. “Hindi hain ham watan hain”, these are the few lines which are mentioned in his song, a song which fills you up with pride and patriotism. He must have not contemplated that he would have to face the situation and would be compelled to leave his current place to make another country; his love for the nation is clear from these beautiful lines.

It’s very sad that people of both the countries have created distances, not only in miles but in thoughts as well. But I don’t believe it is the case with everyone, some people don’t believe in it and still feel that harmony in relationships. Musicians and actors from each country travel to the other country and get all the love they deserve. Bollywood movie, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, showed a very good example of the simplicity, love and kindness; people from both the countries have for each other. This should exactly be the message to our next generations as we are now growing globally. If we didn’t split, we would have been more powerful and much developed nation. We’re now in 21st century and we should rise above cast, religion, hatred and practice humanity and kindness!!!

Well, we could only hope for peace and betterment. As we’re nearing the 70th Birthday of India, I’m proud that I was born in the country that believes in Unity in diversity, a country which is rich in culture. Jai Hind!!!

Happy 70th Birthday India !!!!!

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