The Magical and Ever Welcoming Dubai

It was a very long and exhausting flight with kids from Toronto to Dubai but this city never stops to amaze me. I’m visiting Dubai exactly after 11 months again and yes there are plenty of new constructions, many new high-rise building have been built within this last year that adds to the astonishing Dubai Skyline. No matter what, every time you get here, there is always something new. Dubai is the best place to build businesses, empires, real estate, there are tons of n    ew projects which are lined up and shall be completed before it holds World Expo 2020. It is one of the best destination in the World that connects East with the West.

This is the only part of the world I’ve been to, where an attendant waits outside the washroom and as soon as the person comes out, she jumps in to make sure everything is up to the mark and cleans it if required before you can use it again, wow!!! Everything is so crystal clear, clean and perfect. Dubai is one of the busiest and the best Airports in the world, a lot of people pass here due to transit and to catch flight to another country.

It’s 11:30pm on Thursday night and roads are jam-packed with cars, everything so bright, the streets, the buildings, the mosques, Dubai never sleeps. Restaurants, malls, clubs, pubs, discos and eateries are open even past midnight. There is something to do for everyone whether you’re a single or with family. It’s the city where you watch a midnight, 12-3am movie with family and your kids are the ones screaming out loud, dancing and cheering at the end of the movie, they don’t go to bed at 8pm like back home in Canada. You can find people walking in and around the old town having Masala Chai (Spiced tea with Rainbow milk).

Dubai is the city of lights, modern infrastructure, the largest, the biggest, and the tallest everything could be found here in Dubai. Most of the people around the world have put Dubai in their bucket list to visit in their life time, a must visit dream city for sure. It has changed a lot since 2002 when I first visited here. During our stay here from 2007-2011, we witnessed miscellaneous and huge infrastructural changes in Dubai that included the construction of Floating bridge, New Garhoud bridge, Dubai Internet City, JBR, JLT ,Palm Jumeirah, world’s first no driver Metro rail and many more. The glorious and historical launch of Burj Khalifa is gracefully stored in my subconscious and will always be a part of my reminiscence.

Oh, I forgot to mention, one of the fascinating facts about Dubai!!! You wake up early in the morning, rushing for work and have kids to go to school and Ouch!! You missed on Tuna yesterday while grocery shopping and even zip locks are nowhere to be found , you’re panicking and a bit sad, now you’ll not be able to send your son’s favorite Tuna sandwich to school today, he really demanded that. Wait!! No need to worry, just give a call to the gut at the supermarket below your building and here he delivers Tuna to you in just 5 minutes and if you call them very often, you don’t even need to say your house no., just ask what you want and he knows your voice, how wonderful!!! What could be better than that!!! I always miss on this part, especially on the cold snowy day.

Here are some mesmerizing aerial views of Dubai which I took from the flight; I love this city so much.





We chose to stay in the hotel apartment this year instead of the hotel room, it’s kind of spacious and fulfills our need as a family with 2 children. This is our live out for a another month.




Still jet-lagged and tired, will post more about my travel diary in the next post from this miraculous destination and Dubai still feels like HOME !!!

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