Having kids can certainly pull you down from the race of life, career, achievement and growth of your own??

Do you believe that having kids can certainly pull you down from the race of life, career, achievement and growth of your own?? You are a smart, talented, outgoing and career-oriented woman and soon pressurized by family to get married and later on to have kids. For some women, this is not less than a tremor. Do You feel, you’ll not be as successful if you planned kids or your body will be out of shape??Do you feel, you’ll not be able to live and enjoy life like before after you’ve had kids??

But for us a woman, having a child is God’s greatest blessing we can have. Seeing your kids grow, their smile, their cute babbling voice, it cannot be beaten by anything else; it brings world’s entire happiness to that one small, single moment. Singing rhymes with them, teaching them their first words, hearing those cute words. Mother’s biggest delight is when you hear that “Mommy” word for the first time, its awesome feeling.

Sometimes, it feels like the sand is slipping from our hands, our kids won’t be the same ever, they’re growing like weeds. The phase we’re experiencing now won’t be available after a few months. Every age has different changes and you’ll be surprised to see how fast and what all they learn from you, from the TV and from outside. Once they start walking, you don’t know which direction they’ll run even in a blink of an eye. Once they start talking, they’ll suddenly come up with a new word and you’ll keep scratching your head off. Sending them to the school for the first time is so painful for both of you. Just cherish each and every moment you spend with them. They’ll not be the same, they’ll be gone of the house and you won’t even realize that you now have an empty nest. Spend as much time as with them, give the best to them you can. Take a lot of pictures of them in different ages; I always look for my baby pictures but I never find any. It’ll be a delight to see them when they’re grownups.

In this new era, women are struggling to follow men and working along shoulder to shoulder and neck to neck, they are earning and helping the households, in some areas they are doing even better than men. While you spent, countless hours at work, marriage and having a baby is out of question for career oriented women. Women of modern age want to stand on their feet before selecting their life partners. Even after they marry, having a child is sometimes delayed for years and later if it’s planned, working couple might end up having just one baby. Planning a second child is like, having a nightmare for them. They don’t want to end up doing the same diaper changing and cannot even think of becoming a night owl yet again. They get so busy in their own busy lifestyle and handling their first born’s chaos.

Canada is so blessed with parents who own busy schedules; though both the parents work full-time but adjust their timings to help each other while giving their best to their kids. Getting a paid house help in this country is not everyone’s cup of tea, people do the house chores on their own, they vacuum, mow the lawn, drop and pick up their kids to and from the school, take them to their evening classes and yet at the end of the day, put them to bed with the big smile and read them a lovely story. They don’t like to sleep late on the weekends, instead get up early and take their kids to play in the park, bike with them or choose to hike or swim with them. You can see many women strolling their new-born, along with her other kids, with one of them biking, one of them walking and even a dog on a leash. Sometimes, I get amazed to see their energy and way of thinking. Even when the weather isn’t supporting, they’ll try and get active indoors with kids and just give them all the time they can.

momart1 Supermom

Pics courtesy: Getty Images and Asma Murad

Well, it’s not like they don’t party or have a glass of wine after super tired day at work and when kids are all asleep but everything roams around the family. I know a family who’s had 3 girls and recently had a baby boy. The other friend had their 3rd baby boy a few months ago. Some are stay at home moms and some are full-time working women. You can see parents running around with kids for their different after school classes and they also own 2 dogs and a cat. Hats off to these families, how they manage everything and at the end they’re one big happy family. Women like to go on their ladies night and even go for girls only trip once or twice a year but that doesn’t stop them from being a super mom, they can handle everything, but off course with the support of their husband and family. They just know how to balance both worlds. Hats off to the working Moms who raised and have rewarded the society with some good human beings!!!

Don’t be scared of increasing your family size, if you’ve got a house help, some family members and some good friends around, you’re blessed. Just remember, the time lost now can never come back again. It’s better than repenting later on and then there will be nothing in your hand. It’s time to react now; you just have one life, enjoy everything life has to give!!! Well, you got married to have kids, otherwise there are many who’re having a living relationship. It’s true that your responsibility increases as you have kids but once they’re school age, you can focus on your career again.

To conclude, I would say, if there is no medical condition, don’t delay in having a child or to have another one. God forbidden, if there is any medical condition, there are many new treatments available that you can choose from or even attempt to adopt one, there are many deserving children who are waiting to be adopted, you can enlighten someone’s life. My intention is not to hurt anybody but to bring the fact that children are important part of our society and it’s you who makes and raises them, you can be a Supermom, don’t be afraid of becoming one.

Let me know what is your opinion about it, I was 23 years old when I had my first child and I love being a mom of 2 boys and a dog, how old were you when you had your first child and how your life changed after having a baby??I will be glad to hear all comments.
Best Regards,
Vandana Bhatt

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