Adventure In The Wilds

Would you like to experience something like old times?? Natural conditions, forests, insects, wild animals, swimming in the lake,pitch black at night and beautiful sunrise, everything so natural, fresh and green. It's fascinating, isn't it?? But it’s strange that homeless people dream to live under the roof, they dream to live in the luxuries and... Continue Reading →

“Dance Like No One is Watching”!!!

Small fairies jumping and popping on the stage, Oh how I adore them n wish I owned one of them!! Tapping toes, moving arms in vertical and down on western tunes, bright and colourful costumes, heavy makeup, hair buns, smiling and confident gorgeous little faces. Dance n music is something which connects your soul with... Continue Reading →

“Summer Festivities in Toronto, Fun and Entertainment”!

The best time of the year is finally here, outdoor fun, fresh air, splash pads, tents, camping, adventures, hiking, family time, road trips, longer days, daylight time, chirping birds, active bodies, barbecue, leash free parks, water guns, cheerful kids, bleeding knees, biking, scooters, roller blades, morning walk, evening walk, jogging, farmer’s market, beaches, backyard trampoline,... Continue Reading →

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