God’s Own Canvas!!!

God has His own ways to enjoy his free time; to me He’s a great artist and very passionate. After the rain when the sky is still wet and colors of rainbow are spread out to cover the whole sky. The sun slowly setting in the west but before it bids goodbye, comes out of the trap of grey clouds to extend the joy. Blue, grey, pink, orange, red, yellow, violet, indigo, colors unrolled to showcase the magnificent glory of Sun and it’s rays. Grey clouds hanging from the sky look like colorful Candy floss. It seems like a vibrant set up for a kid’s birthday party. Sometimes it feels like the colors have been poured and in some areas, it has been brushed so gorgeously.








Whenever I see the sky with different colors, I always think of taking a canvas and start painting it with wonderful colors to express the beauty and the same scene in my painting. But since I’m not an artist, tried capturing them in my picture. These mesmerizing glimpse were captured on our way from NYC to Canada on QEW.

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