Here, the fan is over heated again!!! That also at the border of US, we’re in the car and there’s a huge line up, what do we do now?? Where do we go??Cannot make any call due to security reasons at the border, rush makes it longer to exit, so many things coming to mind, how would we reach??Kids? Hotel bookings?? Uhh!!!Here the same smiling Gentleman calls us maybe after an hour of waiting, “I’m the one who saw u earlier”, I recognize him and thank him. Maybe, he just came in time to save us from all the troubles. It’s already 3:45pm; Ford opens only till 5pm, “Would we be able to reach??” Car cools down a bit while we waited for immigration. Quick Lane by Ford, here comes in use the extended warranty, another assuring Gentleman, “God’s with me”, finally it turns out in changing the fan. My faith in God can never go wrong, gratitude!!!!


Road trips aren’t always fun, sometimes you’ve to go through ultimate challenges. Horrendous drive through I-81S and I-380S, acute darkness, fog, heavy rains, winds, two lane highways. On an 110kms/hr road, we’re driving with the speed of 80kms/hr, cars even trucks are taking over us, so what?? What’s the rush?? Safety first!!! Hilly roads, for instance I’m thinking, we shouldn’t have been here tonight at this time. Though I’m sitting at the passenger seat but it’s impossible for me to distract myself from the road, my eyes are just glazed and stuck on the road, ticking sound of the moving vipers along with heavy rains; I’d never want to drive in the night again. What if we’re here under the sun, it would be so beautiful to look outside. I was just holding my breath till the end. Fortunate enough to land safely at Hampton Inn NJ for the night, it’s already 12:45am.

NYC and Varli Kids Food Festival, here we come!!!! Hoping for the sun kissed days ahead!!!!

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