Mom, this train track was in the movie, “Divergent”, said our 10 year old as arrived the ravishing city of Chicago. Clickety-clack said the train, linking the sky-scrapers above the road. Chicago is one of the best cities of America; it’s a blend of rich heritage and modern architecture. Our March Break Madness comprised of... Continue Reading →

March Break Fuss- What do to??

Wondering what to do with kids this March Break?? There are many free events and activities in and around Toronto which will not break your bank. Keeping kids active and occupied isn't an easy task for parents. March Break including 2 weekends will make it a long 9 day holiday period and then all you... Continue Reading →

Hotel Review by Hozpitality:- Telal Resort and Heritage Village, Al Ain, UAE

Discovery of an amazing hotel resort in the middle of the dessert in Al Ain, UAE, reviewed by Hozpitality Group.

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Hotel Review by Hozpitality:- Telal Resort and Heritage Village, Al Ain, UAE

OMG “Oh My God” is what we said when we entered the Telal Resort and Heritage Village in Al Ain. We could not imagine of a place like this could be built in middle of the desert with all modern facilities any luxury hotel would offer in a city. A very warm welcome given by staff made our visit worth the drive. We are sure a guest visiting this resort would never go back without some special memories. Created solely for the purpose of educating visitors about the Emirati culture and history, Telal Resort blends education and entertainment to create an experience for the entire family.



Our ratings (Out of 10):- 10

If you like exploring nature at its best, Telal Resort is certainly a great place to visit.


Located in the desert of Al Ain city…

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Tobermory Escape in Pregnancy Blues

Tobermory is a small community located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in the municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada. It is 300 km northwest of Toronto. The community is known as the "fresh water SCUBA diving capital of the world", because of the numerous shipwrecks that lie in the surrounding waters, especially... Continue Reading →

Holi and Importance of Gujiya

“What’s travel without food and Holi without Gujiya"?? Holi is my favorite among all the festivals, very close to my heart indeed; it’s originated in Northern India but people in other parts also play with the same zeal and enthusiasm. It’s a festival of colors, love, happiness, friends and family. People forget their hatred and... Continue Reading →

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